February 1, 2013

Maeve and Jim Trick

The me&thee features a mostly Marblehead night with Maeve and Jim Trick (two thirds of Maeve and all of Jim are Marblehead residents). Maeve is three girls, three guitars, and three voices: Courtney Reid, Rachel Taylor and Rollyn Zoubek. Maeve mixes gorgeous, soulful vocals with fabulous understated arrangements. ¶ Jim Trick is an award-winning performing songwriter and speaker. His music has been featured in ad campaigns, films and for the last decade he has been performing and inspiring audiences.


Reid, Taylor, and Zoubek — the women of Maeve — blend together their own distinct voices and styles to create a cohesive sound rich with harmony reminiscent of the Indigo Girls and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Maeve was birthed in 2001 when a promoter friend suggested that the girls, who were all performing in different musical configurations at the time, collaborate for an evening at a venue just for fun. This performance led to additional collaboration both as performers and songwriters. The trio then decided to take their music underground to try out their new songs and develop their unique sound alongside Boston commuters while busking in Harvard Square and at the Back Bay Train Station. One day while playing in the subway, the then-nameless band met a little girl named “Maeve” who danced to their music and dropped a dollar in the open guitar case. Thanks to this little angel, the band discovered its name.

Above ground, Maeve continues to share their music in East Coast clubs, coffeehouses, colleges, festivals, churches and women’s conferences. Maeve has shared the stage with Jars of Clay, Ollabelle, Brooks Williams, Nicole Nordeman, Sara Groves and Sam Phillips. Maeve has independently released four recordings and have worked with producers Phil Madeira (Buddy Miller), Don Chaffer (Waterdeep, Sara Groves), and most recently with Grammy Award winning producer Charlie Peacock.

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Jim Trick

Covered in blood and screaming are not descriptions typically applied to acoustic musicians. This however is exactly how Jim Trick began his career as a performer. The community theater production of “The Wizard of Oz” was underway. Jim’s chubby eight-year-old thighs were crammed into a pair of yellow tights and he and the other two “lollipop guild” munchkins were about to take the stage. Heart pounding and palms clammy he stepped into the light. At that precise moment his tiny nose began to bleed so profusely as to evoke gasps from the audience and to launch him into a complete meltdown. Fast forward 32 years and you will find that Jim’s thighs are still chubby. He has not worn tights again and virtually never gets nosebleeds. He has however evolved into a magnetic and engaging performer speaker.

For the last twenty years Jim has melded his original brand of alt-folk/solo acoustic rock with motivational life lessons taught and sung at retreats all over the country. Jim’s concert appearances are intimate and with disarming humor and transparency Jim is able to instantly connect with his audience. Jim’s fourth and most recent release is entitled Jim Trick Buying the Field was produced by Thomas Eaton (Vance Gilbert, Ellis Paul) and features a wonderful array of players including Duke Levine, Maeve and John Curtis (Pousette Dart, Patty Griffin).

  • Maeve has uniquely strong melodies and harmonies. They could sing forever and God wouldn’t mind. Lyrically, they are not cliche, not saying what they think we want to hear, rather telling their stories honestly, candidly, and in so doing reminding us of our own. As people, they are humble, funny, accessible, smart, refreshing, encouraging and needed. When they smile, they can light up a room. When they sing they can light up a lot more. Dan Russel (Director of Newsound Concerts and Inside Out Soul Festival)
  • Harmony focused andlush, Maeve is rapidly winning converts on the Boston circuit. Club Passim
  • If you’re searching for aperfect acoustic pop sound topped with stunning harmonies and creative ideas, then Courtney Reid, Rachel Taylor, and the wonderfully named Rollyn Zoubeck are the women for you! Cross Rhythms
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  • One of the brightest young songwriters and storytellers coming out of the north east these days is a young man named Jim Trick. With the ability to draw an audience into his world, Jim is a brilliant communicator who is definitely worth the effort to go see. Chris “Grandfather Rock” Macintosh WCWP 88.1FM Brooklyn