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  • Caravan of Thieves at the Me&Thee Sep 11, 2015


    Caravan of Thieves is one of the most innovative bands to come along in a long, long time. It’s a toss-up as to whether they are more entertaining to watch or to listen to . . . .but one thing is for sure, it doesn’t take more than a moment to become a fan. Gypsy jazz is not something that you hear every day and when it’s done as magnificently as it is with Caravan of Thieves, it’s a joy to experience and savor.

    Their latest album, Kiss Kiss, is a thematic recording of sorts. It focuses on all varieties of love — the good, the bad and the ugly. Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni say that they enjoy writing about concepts that most listeners can relate to while seeing how far they can bring it to the edge of their imagination.

    You know you’re in for a great deal of fun when you enter the Caravan of Thieves website. It sweeps you right into their world. How could anyone resist that gypsy magic and that spectacular energy?

    The Caravan of Thieves produce remarkable videos to accompany their music. Check out this video for “I Got You.” Here’s a fun video for “Home.”

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  • Bird Mancini at the Me&Thee Sep 11, 2015


    Bird Mancini is a staple in the heart and soul of the greater Boston music scene. Their music is always, always, always energetic. The Boston Globe calls their sound “. . . a cosmopolitan fusion . . . pop music in the most adventurous, inclusive sense of the term.” Ruby Bird and Billy Carl Mancini discuss their history and their sound in this interview — explaining how they aim to mix things up so that they remain fresh and vibrant. Bird Mancini brings a whole palette of delightful sounds to their stage shows. Two thumbs up.

    To learn more about Bird Mancini, visit their website. Check out this video of Bird Mancini doing their original song “Tuning In / Tuning Out.” Be sure to watch this video of Bird Mancini playing “A Little Help from My Friends” with T Max at the 2015 “All You Need is Love” benefit.

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  • Suzie Brown at the Me&Thee May 8, 2015


    Suzie Brown is a singer-songwriter who is intimately familiar with all things having to do with broken hearts. She’s a cardiologist. Yes, you read that correctly. Suzie has been playing gigs on the east coast for several years and has showcased at NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) and has won or been nominated for many awards. This year her newest record, Almost There, was nominated for the Independent Music Award Best Folk / Singer-Songwriter album of 2014.

    Suzie Brown is one of 24 Emerging Artists chosen for this year’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. The Emerging Artist showcase is always one of the highlights of the festival. The musicians are chosen by a three-member jury and are given the opportunity to perform two songs (not to exceed ten minutes). The audience votes for their favorites and three or four acts are asked to return to the main stage the following year.

    To learn more about Suzie, visit her website. Check out Suzie’s official video for “Almost There.” Here’s a glimpse of Suzie singing live!

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  • Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem at the Me&Thee May 8, 2015


    The Boston Globe once called the music of Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem “playful and profound.” I can’t think of two better adjectives to describe this amazing band. They play some of the most soul-lifting songs you’ll hear in your life as well as some of the most awe-inspiring collaborations ever. Rani Arbo (fiddle, guitar)) and her husband Scott Kessel (percussion) hold down the fort in Middletown, CT and are ably supported by Anand Nayak (electric and acoustic guitar) and Andrew Kinsey (bass, banjo, ukulele). The whole is so much greater than the already great parts. Pure magic happens when these four musicians play together. Outstanding harmonies and fanciful and exuberant instrumentation are key factors that make this band so much fun to experience live.

    A video showing the very soulful side of Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem is their rendition of “Bright Morning Star.” And here’s a song that highlights each of the musicians in the group, “Hear Jerusalem Moan.”

    Rani Arbo was kind enough to answer some of my questions.

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