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  • The Sea The Sea at the Me&Thee Nov 20, 2015


    The Sea The Sea is compelling. It’s difficult to take your eyes off of them as they traverse the subtleties of each song they perform. The way that Mira Stanley’s voice intertwines with Chuck E. Costa’s is definite ear candy. Sweet. Natural. Very tasty. No calories either.

    To learn more about The Sea The Sea, visit their website. Here’s a good video that shows off their most excellent harmonies.

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  • Heather Maloney at the Me&Thee Nov 20, 2015


    There are singer-songwriters and there are singer-songwriters. . . . There’s something special about Heather Maloney and it’s absolutely impossible not to notice that her talent is palpable in every way. It isn’t just her unique voice with its edgy crispness but also the rhythms and melodies of her songs that entice each listener to pay attention . . . closely. Heather recalls the musical collaboration with Darlingside at the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead two years ago and how her career roared into overdrive and has been spiraling upward ever since. She recounts many other musical pairings with others on the road and tells us her newest album, Making Me Break.

    To read more about Heather Maloney, visit her website. Here’s a video of “Otherwise” from Heather’s latest album. This blog would not be complete without a viewing of Heather and Darlingside‘s version of “Woodstock” by Joni Mitchell.

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  • Occidental Gypsy at the Me&Thee Nov 13, 2015


    It is virtually impossible to listen to Occidental Gypsy and stay still. If you enjoy the sounds of joyous gypsy jazz with some Latin beats thrown into the mix, this is the band for you to experience. This New England band has the ability to transport you to another world. That world is one where you can let your cares fly away and you can groove to your heart’s content. Even if you just dance in your seat, wearing comfortable shoes is a requirement.

    To learn more about Occidental Gypsy, check out their website. Here’s a video that shows you what this hot band sound like!

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  • John Gallagher Jr. at the Me&Thee Nov 6, 2015


    John (“Johnny”) Gallagher Jr. is coming into the singer-songwriter scene in a rather unusual way. I don’t think I’m the only one who was surprised to hear that a Tony award winning actor and an HBO star is diving into the under-the-radar underworld of folk and acoustic music. Johnny Gallagher is a man with many talents. He’s shown countless Broadway audiences his diversity by appearing in several musicals and plays and has also shown a more sensitive side from his work on HBO’s The Newsroom and Olive Kitteridge. He’s looking forward to returning to the Great White Way in 2016 when he appears in Long Day’s Journey Into Night alongside Jessica Lange and Gabriel Byrne.

    This summer I was introduced to Johnny’s music when he appeared at the legendary Philadelphia Folk Festival. He was a last-minute substitute at that show and is once again slipping into that role at the me&thee coffeehouse show on Friday, November 6, where he is replacing a musician who couldn’t obtain a visa to play the show. This spontaneous drive and approach to his varied career in the creative arts has served him well.

    We look forward to hearing his new CD in the near future, with more information about his original songs. For now, you can check out his acting credits on his IMBD page.

    Here’s a video of John playing an original song at a recent NYC show.

    You might recognize some of the music from John’s appearance in American Idiot.

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