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  • Connor Garvey at the Me&Thee Oct 21, 2016


    Connor Garvey is one of a cadre of singer-songwriters who have been following in the footsteps on Ellis Paul, Cheryl Wheeler, John Gorka, Patty Larkin, Greg Brown, and others who have toured across the United States (and beyond) for the past couple of decades. Connor has many miles under his belt (or on his odometer) and has sung his songs at some of the best listening rooms around. He’s played at and won honors at some of the biggest folk festivals in the country like Kerrville, Falcon Ridge and Rocky Mountain Folk. New England has claimed his as their own and he’s got many more new songs to sing and stories to tell.

    To learn more about Connor and his music, check out his website. Here’s a video of Connor singing “Old House.”

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  • Raina Rose at the Me&Thee Oct 21, 2016


    The Austin Chronicle says of Raina Rose: “Even her name reads like a poem.” Yes, folks, her lyrics are poetry and her voice is silky and satiny and all things exquisite. She’s been on my radar for nearly ten years and it’s been a delight to observe her confidence grow and the love of her fans escalate. Raina Rose keeps on getting better and she’s a genuine joy to behold.

    To learn more about Raina, check out her website. Here’s a video of Raina singing “Swing Wide the Gates.”

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  • Matt the Electrician at the Me&Thee Nov 4, 2016


    Sometimes it only takes one song to make one a fan of a musician. For me it was “Osaka in the Rain” by Matt the Electrician. It’s the lyrics, it’s the melody, it’s a certain magical majesty. Once I heard that one song, I sought out more music by Matt the Electrician and discovered that he played with many other musicians from Austin that I respected. He is one of the hardest working musicians in Texas!

    To learn more about Matt the Electrician, check out his website. Here’s a fun video to whet your appetite. And a video of “Osaka in the Rain” so you don’t need to search for it.

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  • Jim Trick at the Me&Thee Oct 14, 2016


    Jim Trick was born to be on stage. He has a special knack for singing songs and telling stories that connect to people’s hearts in a big way. He makes every audience member forget their worries and brings them into an extraordinary place of caring, healing, and warmth. It’s been a pleasure and a thrill to watch Jim mature as an artist, playing to new audiences and winning them over with his music, his words, and his smile.

    To learn more about Jim Trick, check out his website. Here’s a video of Jim singing “Care a Little Less.”

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  • Eric Lee at the Me&Thee Oct 14, 2016


    Eric Lee is a master at many instruments but it was his fiddle playing that first brought him to my attention. I was one of a handful of lucky music fans to witness his first musical collabora­tions with The Strangelings (Pete and Maura Kennedy, Chris and Meredith Thompson, Ken Anderson and Rebecca Hall) on the hillside at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. I’ll never forget this young man making his way into the tight circle of musicians playing an afternoon campsite gig prior to appearing on the main stage that weekend. Everyone’s jaws dropped. Everyone was amazed. It was no big surprise when he was asked to join the band and to play on the main stage that weekend. I’ve been following his career ever since and continue to be amazed and am delighted that he’s now sharing his own songs as a singer-songwriter.

    Learn more about Eric on his website. Here’s a video of Eric playing with Jim Henry. And here’s a peek at his virtuoso fiddle playing.

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