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  • Alice Howe at the Me&Thee Mar 10, 2017


    Alice Howe’s clear, vibrant voice is both brand new and old and familiar at the same time. It’s exhilarating to hear her music because it becomes instantly memorable in a strange but comfortable way. Try listening to a song or two of hers and you’ll be humming and singing them all day long. Alice’s sound is reminiscent of the late great Kate Wolf. The songs on her newest EP, You’ve Been Away So Long, are hauntingly beautiful and that voice — that voice is a treasure!

    To learn more about Alice, visit her website. Here’s a video of Alice singing “Nothing But You.”

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  • Liz Longley at the Me&Thee Mar 3, 2017


    I absolutely love what Liz Longley says below about her relationship with her fans. Liz is in it for the long run and so are her fans. She’s been able to connect and relate to those who love her music and the love keeps on growing. She’s not a flash in the pan or today’s “next great singer-songwriter.” She’s been recording music since her college days at Berklee and has been slowly acquiring experience and adding many more people with open hearts and ears to her posse. Since moving to Nashville, Liz has also been adding more music experience and connections and it’s a delight to see her continue to grow as an artist.

    To learn more about Liz, visit her website. Here’s a video of Liz singing “Outta My Head.”

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  • Patrick Coman at the Me&Thee Feb 24, 2017


    Oklahoma-born Patrick Coman calls Boston home now. He’s not only playing solo gigs but has added a whole new dimension to the local music scene by putting together a collective of musicians for a road show type venture called “For the Sake of the Song.” The show is dedicated to the music that he and assorted musicians consider important artists in general and how that artist’s music influenced their own. He’s done shows dedicated to the music of Bob Dylan, Townes van Zandt, Linda Ronstadt, and Gram Parsons among others. Patrick’s music is an intriguing mix of blues, folk, rock and soul. Patrick is host of WUMB’s “Local Folk” show.

    Check him out on his website. Here’s a video of “When the Bill Comes Due.”

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  • Danielle Miraglia at the Me&Thee Feb 24, 2017


    Danielle Miraglia immerses herself into the music she plays whether it’s her own funky original songs, old blues or folk standards, or rockin’ hits by Prince. At every turn, there’s energy and a zeal that’s hard to match. Danielle plays with passion; there’s no doubt about that. Her love of Dylan comes through loud and clear and his influences are impossible to ignore.

    To learn more about Danielle, check out her website. Here’s a video of Danielle playing “Moment by Moment.”

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  • Greg Klyma at the Me&Thee Feb 24, 2017


    Greg Klyma is one of the hardest working musicians I have ever met. Originally from Buffalo, New York, he’s been traveling the folk / acoustic music circuit across the country for many years. It’s only fairly recently that he settled on Boston as his home base and he has added so much to the quality of music in the area. Greg has had residencies at local clubs and his current one is on Sunday nights at Thunder Road in Somerville. In addition to being a singer-songwriter bar none, Greg is a natural and most captivating storyteller.

    To learn more about Greg, visit his website. Here’s a cool video of Greg singing “New Clothes.”

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