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  • Danielle Miraglia at the Me&Thee Feb 19, 2016


    Danielle Miraglia is a regular in the Boston music scene. There are many opportunities to see her sitting in with any number of bands or with her own band but it’s a true pleasure to hear her in a listening space with great acoustics where you can hear the nuances of the lyrics and the finger picking and boot stomping that she’s known for. Her foot stomping is such an integral part of her act that she brings a special handmade stomp box with her to her solo gigs.

    To learn more about Danielle Miraglia, visit her website. Here’s a good example of what Danielle does best!

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  • Peter Parcek at the Me&Thee Feb 19, 2016


    Peter Parcek is a musician who is known as a distinctive bluesman who sprinkles some special sauce into his music — a teaspoon of gypsy jazz, a dash of country, a plentiful dose of folk and it comes out as a most unique blues potpourri that resonates in a profound way. Parcek is the winner of the 2013 New England Music Award for Best in Blues. He’s got a lot of blues ingrained in his soul and when he and his trio let loose, it’s a most magical evening of music for sure.

    To learn more about Peter Parcek, visit his website. Check out this video of a Parcek original to get a feel for his tasty blues.

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  • The Western Den at the Me&Thee Feb 12, 2016


    The Western Den is a Boston-based duo comprised of Deni Hlavinka and Chris West. Their spot-on harmonies and interesting song arrangements channel musical influences from the past and future and are intriguing and mesmerizing. The three EPs that the duo have recorded have received rave reviews and are a compelling harbinger for what’s to come from The Western Den.

    To learn more about The Western Den, visit their website. Here’s a video of The Western Den performing “Stay the Sun.”

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  • Melissa Ferrick at the Me&Thee Feb 12, 2016


    There are many adjectives that one can use to describe a performance by Melissa Ferrick: riveting, passionate, intimate, energetic, inspirational, and so on and so forth. Just take a look at a thesaurus and look up any of those words and you’ll find a dozen more to add to the list. As the interview below reveals, Melissa is feeling more and more comfortable with her art. She’s got a lot to say and her songs resonate on all kinds of levels with music fans and lovers of lyrics that speak to the heart and soul.

    Learn some more about Melissa on her website. Here’s a taste of Melissa live.

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