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  • Sorcha Cribbin-Merrill at the Me&Thee Sep 23, 2016


    Sorcha Cribbin-Merrill is a woman of many genres. Folk. Check. Soul. Check. Blues. Check. Jazz. Check. That’s what makes her music so tantalizing. From track to track on her CDs or from song to song in her live performances, you never know quite what you’ll be hearing. That’s talent.

    Learn more about Sorcha Cribbin-Merrill on her website. Take a look at this Sorcha video.

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  • The Ghost of Paul Revere at the Me&Thee Sep 23, 2016


    If you like the fun sensation of discovering bands just as they’re starting to ascend that crazy mountain of success in the music world, then I’d strongly suggest that you pay close attention to The Ghost of Paul Revere. They have a lot going in their favor; they’ve known each for years; and, boy oh boy, they sound damn good together. Their music escalates in an exciting and magical way — making your heart beat faster and placing you right in that moment in time. Listening to The Ghost of Paul Revere is intoxicating in an organic kind of way. One song just ain’t enough. Highly recommended that you listen to everything they’ve ever done.

    To learn more about The Ghost of Paul Revere, visit their website. Check out this video to get a taste of this great band.

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  • Emily Mure at the Me&Thee Sep 30, 2016


    Emily Mure is a singer-songwriter whose introspective lyrics and melodic compositions are enthralling. Emily has a way of singing from her heart and sending those intimate messages directly to the listener’s heart and soul. Her on stage presence is natural and sincere and welcoming.

    Learn more about Emily by checking out her website. Here’s a video of Emily singing her song “Waiting for Change.”

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  • Susie Burke and David Surette at the Me&Thee Sep 16, 2016


    Susie Burke and David Surette are beloved New England musicians who have been haunting venues in the seacoast area of New Hampshire and Maine for a couple of decades. They raised a family which includes Isa Burke, one of the talented trio, Lula Wiles. Susie’s velvety voice and David’s exceptional playing on anything with strings makes for a terrific evening of great live music.

    You can find out more about Susie and David on their website. Catch this video of a lively song by Susie and David. You can listen to a special tune by Susie and David accompanied by their two daughters here.

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  • Lula Wiles at the Me&Thee Sep 16, 2016


    I’ve been following Lula Wiles for quite a while. When it caught my attention that Isa Burke was part of this group . . . my ears perked up. Always been a fan of Susie Burke and David Surette and I had heard stories of their talented daughters busking in downtown Portsmouth. So it didn’t take much for me to take a listen to Lula Wiles and to applaud them at any given opportunity. All three members of this group — Isa Burke, Ellie Buckland and Mali Obomsawin — bring many strengths to the band but first and foremost is their genuine ability to make a joyful sound. Harmonies galore.

    Here’s a great video of Lula Wiles which demonstrates their fabulous sound.

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