14 April 2017

Hayley Reardon

Ryan Hommel opens

On Friday, April 14th, the doors of the me&thee coffeehouse open up for hometown favorite Hayley Reardon. After graduating from high school, Hayley moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University. Her latest recording, Good, has received rave reviews. Hayley will be supported by Ryan Hommel on a variety of instru­ments and vocals. Ryan will also perform his original music as the opening act.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm.

Hayley Reardon

Noted for her thoughtful, vivid songwriting and engaging stage performance, Hayley has spent the past seven years sharing the stage with acts like Tom Rush, Peter Yarrow, Buskin & Batteau, Christine Lavin, and opening for the likes of Lori McKenna, Mark Erelli, and Catie Curtis. She has been selected for official showcases at Folk Alliance International and North East Regional Folk Alliance, as well as the Boston Folk Festival, New York Songwriter’s Circle, and Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase.

Hayley’s distinctive voice, lyrics, and unique approach to both life and song have the uncanny ability to draw the listener inward to a place of clarity and reflection. In fact, iTunes Editor’s Notes cited “the fact that her music is not American Idol-like pop but in the singer/​songwriter tradition of Suzanne Vega, Tracy Chapman, and Mary Chapin Carpenter illustrates an already well-grounded artist.”

Hayley’s new CD, Good, is a dazzling celebration of a period of immense growth and change. This new music, produced by highly regarded Lorne Entress, shows the maturation of an artist. In a live setting, Hayley’s soulful songs are carefully intertwined between thoughtful stories and soft, clever humor to form a comforting, yet commanding, stage presence. Hayley Reardon is full of heart, and what’s even better is that she has proven her ability to share that heart and make an audience feel her songs and stories just as strongly as she does.

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Ryan Hommel

Ryan Hommel is deeply rooted in early Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder. Hommel has been a side player for the Sweetback Sisters, Heather Maloney, Stephen Kellogg and his work with Seth Glier (his long-time musical partner and childhood best friend) on the album The Next Right Thing helped them earn a 2012 Grammy nomination and the respect of musicians far and wide.

Ryan may primarily be known as someone behind the scenes but he’s also recorded his own original music and has been seeing more solo stage time. Livingston Taylor says, “Ryan Hommel delivers his beautiful music with a discipline and clarity that allows it to travel straight to your soul.”

  • About Hayley Reardon:
  • A confident, radiant teenage singer/songwriter who is helping to pen the next chapter of the Boston Folk scene. . . . Boston Globe Magazine
  • While she has a voice and playing ability that suggest someone much older, she writes about issues that are important to younger people, and recognizes her opportunity to make a difference with her music. UTNE Reader
  • . . .
  • Ryan Hommel delivers his beautiful music with a discipline and clarity that allows it to travel straight to your soul. Livingston Taylor
  • I recently heard Ryan sing a few of his songs. . . . I was knocked out by his dynamic old-soul vocals and his sophisticated guitar legerdemain. He seemed able to play chords and improvise a melodic solo all at once. Adam Levy