17 November 2017

$20 / $23 at door
Student Tickets $10

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Griffin House

Korby Lenker opens

Concert starts at 8:00 pm.

  • If you are looking to be blown away by raw talent, then look no further than Griffin House. American Songwriter
  • House chooses to remain fully present in each song, unafraid to engage his own sentiment and deliver it with unbashed conviction. Paste Magazine
  • The world of popular music is filled with singer-songwriters espousing their emotions and personal experiences in song, but few capture the hearts of fans like Griffin House. 3 Minute Record
  • While the singer/songwriter now calls Nashville home, there is something inherently Midwest or more specifically Ohio about House. As talented a musican as he is, he is also humble, charming funny, and overall just a likeable guy. Linda Turk, Our Vinyl
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  • One of the most striking things about seeing Korby Lenker perform is his relationship with his guitar. He doesn’t just play it, he becomes it — or maybe, it becomes a part of him. No Depression
  • Lenker has a creative, courageous approach, which at times appears simple until the listener realizes there is both real substance in the lyrics, lush harmonies, and many different backing instrumental configurations. Elmore Magazine