20 May 2017

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All You Need Is Love Beatles Show

Special Saturday show starts at 7:30pm

Tony Toledo, Beatles fan extraordinaire, once again emcees a night of memorable songs, stories and Beatles magic.

T Max: A founder, actor, and producer in Boston Rock Opera; the music director of Project Eno; the publisher/editor of New England’s longest running music magazine, The Noise; performer of the one-man folk-rock opera Why Do We Go to War?; Composer and performer of SHAKE, a musical story about man’s disregard for the earth’s well being; and the only guy singing and performing music on his latest CD, On British TV. The disc has been soaring over the singer/songwriter charts for the past month (T personally throws them himself).

Bird Mancini, Boston’s accordion/guitar rock duo, has released their 5th CD, the Latin flavored Bird Mancini Lounge on Second Story Records. This acclaimed duo features eclectic and at times a bit psychedelic acoustic rock pop style with lush vocal arrangements, blues-tinged guitar, accordion, harmonica, and a variety of percussion, bells and whistles. If the occasion warrants, the duo also performs as a full band, adding Joel White on bass and Joe Jaworski on drums to the mix. In recent years theyve toured the West Coast and performed for the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Boston, New York City and in Liverpool UK at The Cavern Club.

Scrambled Eggs (Mike Birch, Grady Moates, Lin Sprague, and Kevin Wall) have perfected their well-crafted harmonies and spot-on interpretations of Beatles songs. They have pretty much become the Beatles Benefit house band. Their enthusiasm and spirit are infectious.

Jeremy Todd is the youngest musician ever to play this annual Beatles event. He’s an avid fan of the Fab Four and has been attending this show since he was a toddler. This seven-year old pianist is something else!