Join us as we present Electric Farm, John Elliott, Eve Goldberg, and the Goodhues Band as our me&thee Showcase Concert to close our spring season.

The Electric Farm is a singer-songwriter named Joey Mutis III from Germansville, Pennsylvania. His music is intoxicating. “I was a judge for the North East Regional Showcases and had to listen to three songs each by 180 musicians. Joey’s music, by far, was the best that I heard!” says Kathy Sands-Boehmer from the me&thee. The Electric Farm’s music traverses the likes of Nick Drake, Ray Davies, and Neil Young by way of Bright Eyes and Elliott Smith. The Electric Farm has had a variety of different configurations since 1991 and Joey often performs solo or with a bassist and saves the big band effect for local gigs. “Over the years the band’s sound has been eclectic, ranging from poignant singer-songwriter ballads to spiraling jazz-based tunes that wend their way through the listener’s psyche.” says Rosemary Pratka, in The Morning Call.

Singer/songwriter John Elliott has a music project known as “the hereafter.” It has been called “post-Seinfeld, post-9/11 eyebrow rock” and John’s songwriting has garnered comparisons to Paul Simon (among others) in the press. John grew up in Minnesota listening mostly to Michael Jackson, Guns n’ Roses and Bon Jovi (later, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan). John started to play guitar when he was ten, taught himself to play the piano and sang in various choirs. He is now perpetually on the road and in his Honda civic, writing songs and playing shows. As a result of television (most notably on “Grey’s Anatomy” and Internet exposure (and lots of touring), the hereafter has developed a scattered and growing international following.

Born in the Boston area, Eve Goldberg has called Toronto, Ontario home since 1981. As a child, she was dragged to folk concerts featuring artists like Doc Watson, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Arlo Guthrie, the Watersons, and countless others. Eventually it took hold, and as a teenager she began to devour all kinds of contemporary and traditional roots music. She began performing in 1990, and hasn’t looked back since. Along the way she’s earned the respect of legendary musicians like Peggy Seeger, Geoff Muldaur, and Penny Lang. Warm and inviting are two words often used to describe Eve’s musical stylings and she will bring her clear, expressive voice and solid guitar playing to our stage. Goldberg has performed at venues ranging from small folk clubs to large outdoor festivals throughout Canada. She has stepped up her touring in the U.S. since releasing her third album, the critically acclaimed A Kinder Season, on Borealis, the Canadian roots label.

The Goodhues Band from right here in the North Shore, is a foursome, with Kim Goodhue on vocals and autoharp; Geoff Goodhue, vocals, guitar and mandolin; Trish DeCaprio, vocals and fiddle; and Ryan Goodhue on keyboard and hand drums. Their repertoire covers American “roots” country, Appalachian, bluegrass, Southern gospel, contemporary folk, traditional Celtic, and Irish “pub” songs. They emphasize close two- and three-part harmonies, polished instrumental arrangements, and sincere, energetic delivery. Originally a duo, with Ohio University alums Geoff and Kim playing a lot of old timey type songs — pre-bluegrass, mountain, brothers’ duets by the Louvin Brothers, Stanley Brothers, and others like them — along with a few originals, some folk, parlor songs, and some Grateful Dead/Old and In the Way material. Around March of 2006, they were joined by younger son, Ryan, on piano and handdrums, and Trish DeCaprio on fiddle and vocals and have been a foursome since then, with a new emphasis on Celtic (plus all their other material).

Joey Mutis
John Elliott
Eve Goldberg
The Goodhues Band